Next Coalition Meeting: 
Tuesday, February 24th @ 12:30pm
ESD 105           
Yakima Room
          33 S. 2nd Ave.
          Yakima, WA 98902

If you are unable to attend in person and need to use the conference call option please email:

ESD 105 is located at 33 S. 2nd Avenue (note they are on the Avenue not Street).  There should be parking available on the street or across the street in parking lot.  ESD has 3 buildings. The middle one is their Conference Center.  We are meeting in the Yakima Room which will have a sign on the door with our Coalition name on it. 
Agenda Items:
  • Member Reports/Announcements
  • Possible Website redesign
  • DOH Grant HPV Project 
  • Coalition Spring Retreat Event- March 3rd - Free to coalition members  
  • Grants & Funding 
  • State & Local Coalition News and Updates 
  • Flu Shot Booth 2015 
  • County KG Imms Rates for 2014
  • Measles Outbreak 
  • Vision/Mission Statements revisited

Immunization Assessment